The cricket club offers more than just a chance to train weekly across some of the best facilities by having a very active social calendar. With weekly socials at tables, regular black tie events and our annual mystery tour, we has a wide range of activities which are open to all. Some our most active social members had never even played cricket before coming to university!



Tables is our weekly social at the Griff Inn in the Student's Union, where you can come to celebrate the weeks sporting success with the team or drown your sorrows in Cider, Beer or  Squash. Run by our social secs, this is a great chance to relax with the team before a weekly club night at the Griff Inn. Don't be late for a classic 7:30 start. Shirts and Ties mandatory. 

Non Drinking Socials 

All of our socials welcome people that don't drink including tables with more than half the team drinking squash at times. Moreover, we have specific non-drinking team building activity once a month which in the past has included evenings at a driving range, mini golf or bowling. Regardless if you drink or not, the social secs will ensure you have a great time!



A proud tradition within the Cricket Club is to head down to Brick lane for a classic curry consisting of a starter, main, rice AND naan. A fan favourite for sure, the curry featured a lovely quiz run by the social secs as well as stories explaining the rather obscure traditions the club follows to this day. 

Christmas Dinner 

Every year the Cricket Club goes out to celebrate the end of the year with a formal, black tie Christmas Dinner. Although all my seem normal at first, our beloved Christmas traditions are rigorously followed. Following the dinner, all the clubs at Barts meet up at some of the biggest clubs in London for a huge afterparty! 



Tour is one of the most unique experiences that you will have during your time at University. The social secs plan an annual trip to an undisclosed location for a weekend away. All you are told is a packing list and meeting point and the rest you find out as time passes. Past tours location include Dublin (2018) , Leeds (2019) and Prague (2020). 

Old Boys Day

Marking the beginning of the cricket season, we play a heavily contested match against the 'Old Boys' of Barts and The London Cricket Club, who are known as The Griffins. This match takes place at Chislehurst with large groups of crowds cheering on their side. The day is topped off with a formal dinner to which members have flown half-way across the globe to attend. The 'Tom Cullen Cup' is also awarded on the night.  



An Annual General Meeting is held every year in the Old Library to elect the next years committee. The Cricket Club welcomes all to apply, encouraging freshers and younger members to get involved. After the AGM, the club enjoys a classic social with some hidden surprises.

Awards Night 

To mark the end of the season, we host a formal Awards Night. Total runs, wickets and catches are tallied and winners are awarded medals, plaques and trophies. Awards for 'Most Improved', 'Most Committed' and 'Best Fresher' are also given. The night is topped off by a ties ceremony. 

Upcoming Events

  • Tables
    Wed, 30 Sept
    The Griff Inn Bar & Kitchen
    30 Sept 2020, 19:30
    The Griff Inn Bar & Kitchen, JPE BLSA, Stepney Way, Whitechapel, London E1 2AT, UK
  • Freshers Curry
    Wed, 16 Sept
    City Space Apartments - Brick Lane
    16 Sept 2020, 17:00
    City Space Apartments - Brick Lane, 208B Brick Ln, London E1 6SA, UK
  • Pre Fresher Tables
    Wed, 09 Sept
    The Griff Inn Bar & Kitchen
    09 Sept 2020, 19:30
    The Griff Inn Bar & Kitchen, JPE BLSA, Stepney Way, Whitechapel, London E1 2AT, UK