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Aadam Ul-Haq



Prab Bhamidipati 


Hey everyone, I’m running for treasurer! Here’s 3 reasons why I think you should vote for me:


1. Panache - I love this club and I want to help everyone enjoy being a part of it as much as I do. As treasurer, I will be aiming to secure sponsorships that will help to fund things like our club equipment, kits and even brick lane curries.

2. Experience on the cricket committee - I have been fortunate enough to have held a number of amazing roles on the committee here before, including president a couple of years ago. These roles have taught me lot about team dynamics and about how to communicate effectively with my colleagues. I’ve been able to learn a lot about the club’s finances including how much of our money needs to go towards entries into BUCS and UH for example. With this knowledge, I hope to able to organise our finances so as much of it can go towards improving the experiences of our members as possible.

3. Experience in other committees -  I have previously held the role of treasurer for Barts Pathology Society, which has taught me how and when to apply for funding throughout the year.


Thanks for taking the time to read this, and best of luck to all the other candidates

Tahmid Ahmad

As someone who has worked since the age of 14 and managed money till this day knowing how to budget, I think I am the best candidate for the job. With the use of spreadsheets and impeccable mathematic ability, I will be able to deliver clear and concise information about the budget to the committee and hopefully aiding them in the process. Previous experience mostly related to the job would be when I am budgeting one of my friend's clothing operations. I communicated with multiple providers and printers to find the best deals and maximise profits whilst looking for sponsors as well.

I believe that being a part of the playing team I know where and what the budget goes into whether it be for games, social events, or other events. Which will put less pressure on other members of the committee and greatly increase productivity. Even if I just have one role, I am not afraid to step up and help other members to the best of my ability. It would be a pleasure for me to grow along aside and learn more about the logistics of the club.

I would like to think I have a presence in the club, whether it be the “fresher who stands up to the seniors” or “the proclaimed Shakib Al Hasan who can’t spin a ball” if not any of that then the “guy whose middle stump got obliterated by joe”. But for what it’s worth having someone like me on the committee, It’s going to be a good time.

Finally, Barts Cricket has been one of the most welcoming societies I feel like this is just one of many ways to repay the hard work the previous committee has done during COVID-19. I look forward to representing this club and making Barts and the London Cricket Club great again.

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