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Welfare Officer


Christy Heath 

After 2 years as a member of cricket, I feel I have gotten to know the seniors and now this years freshers. I think I would suit the role of welfare officer as I’m easy to talk to and have always found it something that comes naturally to me in the past with friends and family alike. Getting involved with committee would be a good chance for me to have more input into the club as a whole on and off the field. In the past I have had leadership roles in multiple cricket teams and have always enjoyed getting to know my teammates and trying to get the best out of people.

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Kavi Thobani

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Coming off the back of several years in committee positions already, welfare officer is something that I am already well versed in and my skills have only improved since my first time. I believe that being welfare officer requires a skillset that is ubiquitous amongst medics, all that separates them from everyone else is the conscious activation of said skills and ability to help others engage and develop their own skillset. The goal of the welfare officer is to help fellow students through difficult issues, the ideal of the welfare officer is to eradicate the need for the role entirely. 


Whilst on the pitch it may seem like I want to tear peoples head off, I’m honestly a nice fella. In my down time, I run training for arguably the largest student run mental health charity in the world, recently adapting an entire curriculum to fit onto zoom. I have thousands of hours of volunteering experience with mental health and am well versed in both public and student mental health services across London. 


As welfare officer, I hope to push for committee wide cooperation and communication in welfare issues, increasing accessibility, and club togetherness to take is into the next year stronger as a team and as mates. Ideally you shouldn’t hear from me at all after this. If I do my job right, it’ll be like I’m not even doing it at all. 

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