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Aadam Ul-Haq



Kavi Thobhani

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In my previous time on committee, I not only created new avenues for participation and increased wellbeing within the club, but I also ran day to day running, pitches, and even managed to book pitches used by county teams. In my time of the executive committee, UCL went from one team to three. Organisationally, without my input and resilience to get the job done, none of it would have happened. 


I believe that having me as secretary, the growth that the club will inevitably see post-covid will be matched by administration that can deal with the increased demand. Secretary is a job in which I feel if the job is done right, you don’t even know it’s being done at all. Using my wealth of experience in communication and organisation, I feel that I will make an ideal secretary, helping to facilitate the clubs ascent to bigger and better things.

Karran Bhagat 

Having been part of the Barts Cricket Club since first year, but more actively this year, I believe that we have the potential to be better and win more games and hopefully tournaments as a unit. I hope to bring more camaraderie to the team and a sense of friendship alongside a spirit of competitiveness. We have not only the talent to succeed but also the drive to, and this is something I think we can do better at. Having held committee roles before, I understand the dynamic required as well as the responsibility to bring the club forward. In my role as secretary, I hope to bring more unity to the group and hopefully motivate us to do better as a squad. My overall goal would lie in smaller victories and by developing a better relationship with each other I think this is very doable. I truly believe that with a strong bond between players we can get Barts cricket back to where it was a few years ago in terms of winning games.

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