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Welcome to Barts and The London Cricket Club. My name is Sid, and I am the President for the 2020/2020+1 season. 


The Cricket Club at Barts and the London is one of the most successful sports teams with regular cup successes, but more importantly, it is a friendly club welcoming of all people interested in cricket, regardless of experience, gender, or ability. Whether you want to play cricket competitively, recreationally, or simply want to socialise on a Wednesday evening, the cricket club is the place for you. 


Since joining BLCC in my first year, the club has been like my family and allowed me to get away from studying, meet new people and add a whole new dimension to my university life. I have wholly enjoyed my time both on and off the field, as well as contributing to the wider society at Barts by organising and taking part in various charity events. 


Now, as the club captain, I could not be more proud. And as we look to push the club forward with exceedingly high expectations, I hope that you will be there, as part of this journey, as part of this club and as part of this family. 

Specific information regarding 'Training and Matches' and 'Socials' can be found under 'The Club' however, should you have any questions, please feel free to 'Contact Us'.

Sidhant Singh


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